hacchid avalakki poha multip img 0 f5487bcf
hacchid avalakki poha multip img 0 f5487bcf

One of the best and popular option for upwas or vrat or fast.This is no garlic or onion poha, many of us are familiar with the sweet flavour poha but this is the savory version and for people who wouldn’t want to opt the sweeter version.HACCHID AVALAKKI is very well known in the North karnataka region and is made in most of the families.The thin poha is mixed with basic tempering and lots of groundnuts which is in a dry condition which could be eat like chuda or could be eaten with mixing few raw vegetables… like the one I’ve done. It tastes great with hot tea and sev/khara mixture( if it’s not for upwas)
1. Thin or paper poha – 3 cups
2. Oil or ghee – 3Tbsp
3. Mustard- 1tsp
4. Turmeric powder-1tsp
5.Cumin -1tsp
6. Urad dal- 1tsp
7. Asafotida- 1/tsp
8. Green chilli -1 chopped
9. Curry leaves
10. Groundnuts- 1/4cup
Extra mixture.
11.Finely chopped Cucumber-1/4cup
12. Finely chopped Tomato-1/4cup
13.Fresh grated coconut-1/4cup
14. Lemon juice 1Tbsp optional
15. Grated ginger- 1tsp
16. Salt as per taste.
Procedure :
1. Heat oil or ghee and add everything except poha required mentioned in tempering and roast the groundnuts golden brown, let the tempering cool and then add the poha and mix well. If you think the mix is very dry and needs a little more oil/ghee heat another half or a teaspoon and then again mix. Do not add raw oil.
2. You can enjoy it this way or you can add the extra mixture with raw vegetables and eat…
3. Note the poha remains good for approx a week stored in a air tight box without adding the extra veggies. If you add raw veggies eat fresh or else the poha will soak and become soft.. few may not like that way.
This is again a quick recipe for any occasion!!! Enjoy festive seasons.
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