Gyoza Night 😋

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Gyoza night 😋

Made 50 gyozas (dumplings)for family gyoza night, we loved it, gone so quickly as always 💚🙏 

🥢50-gyoza ingredients :
50 gyoza wrapper 
1/3 medium size cabbage 
1cup TVP (boil and rinse well, and squeeze the water)
1/2 atsuage tofu 
1 inch ginger (You can put garlic and chives too)

🥢Method :
1 Put everything in the food processor, blend with pulse 
2 Transfer to a bowl, sprinkle sea salt, white pepper, mushroom powder, miso, canola oil, and mix well with hands 
3 Then wrap with gyoza wrapper, I like thin and small wrapper.
You might need someone to help you wrapping!! 
4 Place gyozas on a large frying pan like making a circle.
(12-13 gyozas for one pan is good)
5 Medium heat, pour some oil, wait till the bottom of gyozas get brown. (Very important not to touch, just wait)
6 Then make 1/2 tbs flour and 1/2 cup water mix, and pour evenly into the pan, put a lid
7 When the water is almost gone, pour a little sesame oil.
This will make gyoza crispy!!

🥢Gyoza sauce 
Soy sauce, vinegar, Shichimi (seven chili spices), and sesame oil 

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