Grounding Content.

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Grounding content.

What are you doing to stay grounded, calm and connected to hope? I’ve been surveying my people. My primary strategy, throughout the pandemic has been cooking. Please share yours in the comments below. And maybe stop scrolling and turn on your oven if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Opt for nourishment if you’re able.

Quinoa stuffed roasted carnival squash.

Ingredients: Red quinoa cooked with homemade veg stock and ghee. Mixed with evoo sautéed leek, carrot, portobello mushrooms, garlic, thyme, tarragon, parsley, dried apricot and toasted pumpkin seeds. Topped with the littlest bit of grated Vermont sage cheese for an outer crisp.

Consuming the skins of fall and winter produce can enhance your wei qi – our energetic shield against external factors that cause illness. According to Chinese 5 Elements theory, just as the skins protect the vegetables from harsh weather and environmental toxins, they can help to do the same for us.

Be sure to buy organic if you want to eat the skins because the outermost part of produce that is grown with pesticides is sure to contain them.

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