Grilled Teriyaki Seitan And Veggie Skewers 🥦🥒🌽🍢

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Grilled teriyaki seitan and veggie skewers 🥦🥒🌽🍢 finally got my hands on some vital wheat gluten and chickpea flour to make my own seitan! When I first went vegan, I was pretty skeptical of seitan bc of how the dining hall at my school would make it. I semi-fondly referred to it as “satan.” But I’ve come around since! I found the gluten at mom’s organic market and the flour at a coop in VT… definitely a bummer that they were both difficult to find. Seitan has a ton of protein and a decently similar texture to meat, which makes it a very popular meat sub in many restaurants. It was really simple to make (knead the two ingredients and water together and simmer in broth for an hour), and I used @connoisseurusveg recipe. After I made the seitan, I cut it up, marinaded it in teriyaki sauce from Whole Foods, and grilled for 30 minutes with various veg. Not bad for my first seitan attempt! #vegan #vegandinner #veganlunch #homemadevegan #plantbased #teriyakiseitan #grilledveggies #grilledseitan #dcvegan #summervegan #veganism #veganfood #vegankebab