Grandma’s Tomato Stew 

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Grandma’s tomato stew 

Actually my grandma didn’t make this😅 but seems like this is grandma’s masterpiece ❤️
So cozy and heartwarming☺️

🍅 Tomato and red kidney bean stew
1 large carrot, 4 medium size potato, 1/3medium size cabbage, 5 medium size flesh tomatoes, a tin of red kidney bean, and atsuage tofu 

These tomatoes are from @moriesanchoku , which were so juicy and sweet 

1 remove tomato skins 
cut a shallow X in the bottom of a tomato, throw them into a pot of boiling water for no more than a minute, transfer tomato to the bowl of ice water and allow to cool, then peel the skin off, then cut into wedges, set aside 
2 in a pressure cooker pot, over cooking mode, heat vegan butter, sauté chopped carrots and potatoes, add atsuage tofu, red kidney beans, cabbage and tomatoes, sprinkle salt and pepper
3 add 1 cup water, 1TBS veggie stock , 2TBS ketchup, 2 bay leaves, 1TBS nutritional yeast 
4 gently mix well with a spatula 
5 set timer for 8 minutes 
6 adjust seasoning with salt and pepper, serve with plant yogurt and drizzle plant milk 

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