Good Vegan Raviolis Are HARD To Come By. I’ve Found A Few

good vegan raviolis are hard to come by ive found a few multip img 0 5da090a6
good vegan raviolis are hard to come by ive found a few multip img 0 5da090a6

Good vegan raviolis are HARD to come by. I’ve found a few premade ones that are okay… but I really don’t like when they are stuffed with tofu! I made this recipe to include all of my favorite things in a ravioli! This makes about four servings.⁣

Ingredients: ⁣
~4 cups of sifted AP flour⁣
~1 and 1/4 cup of water ⁣
~1 tablespoon olive oil⁣
~1 tablespoon salt⁣

~3 cups cubed butternut squash⁣
~1 white onion shredded⁣
~1 tablespoon olive oil⁣
~1 teaspoon garlic powder⁣
~1 teaspoon TJ’s mushroom & co seasoning ⁣
~fresh cracked salt & pepper to taste ⁣

1. Combine all ingredients for the dough with a spoon. Once it gets too difficult to mix with a spoon, knead until incorporated. ⁣
2. Rest for three minutes under a tea towel and then knead for another minute. Repeat this one more time. ⁣
3. Rest dough will you prepare the filling. ⁣
4. Preheat oven to 400F. One a baking sheet place squash, oil, & seasoning (NOT ONIONS). ⁣
5. Bake for 20 minutes then lower the oven to 350F. Shred onions and squeeze out water then place on baking tray & mix with squash. ⁣
6. Bake for another 20-30 minutes or until squash is very tender. ⁣
7. Remove from oven, place in bowl, & mash with a potato masher. ⁣
8. Quarter your dough & roll out in thin sheets. ⁣
9. Place teaspoonfuls of filling along half the dough. Fold over the remaining dough and use your fingers to seal between the little mounds. ⁣
10. I use a shot glass to shape the raviolis around the filling. ⁣
11. Press the edges with a fork to seal shut. ⁣
12. Repeat until dough and filling are gone!! ⁣
13. Boil water, add salt, and cook raviolis until they float!⁣
14. Top with your favorite sauce and enjoy!! ⁣

~ I mash my filling but you can use a food processor for smoother filling. ⁣
~ You can use any cutter, glass, or knife to shape your raviolis. I just like them this size. ⁣
~ This plate is my raviolis with TJ’s vegan pesto!⁣
~ This recipe makes a bunch but they freeze great! ⁣

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