🌻Good Morning! WOAH What A Weekend. We’re Home After A

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🌻Good morning! WOAH what a weekend. We’re home after a few days adventuring up the coast in a lovely RV from @rvandrejuvenate 🚍! Last stop was Redding where we picked up little puppy Lucy. Now we’re all home and back to business as usual!

🌟First up: Indian Spiced Sweet Potato 🌮 tacos! Along with our tacos I’ll also be making a coconut milk 🥥 🍹cocktail! I’ll be hosting the Instagram LIVE this Thursday at 5:30 pm PST.

🌟Sign up by clicking the link in my bio to receive the list of ingredients you’ll need! I’ll be sending that out today😊.

A little about these 🌮🌮:
✨They are totally vegetarian but the average meat eater would never miss the meat. When I make vegetarian food it’s not as a substitute to not having meat. I make it because it taste better that way! That’s how I feel about these tacos!
✨Sweet potatoes 🍠! I know I’ve got some major fans out there! Personally, I don’t love sweet potatoes … I know! Weird. However, the transformation of these sweet potatoes will make you happy 😋! Sweet potato fan or not!
✨This live will definitely be using my 💛Taste of India Spice Blend💛! Be sure to buy it online today so it gets to you by Thursday! Get yours at You can also purchase in person at @berolinabakery !

🥰Can’t wait for you to make these with me on Thursday! It’s going to be a blast!!!🥰

With love + salt,