Good Evening Y’all! I’ve Been Off Social Media For A Few

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Good evening y’all! I’ve been off social media for a few days while my health wasn’t the best, but I’m doing ok now and really wanted to share with you guys this AMAZING Healthy, vitamin-packed Beet Juice! It was made for me by my friend to help with my health and although at first I was a bit skeptical, I’ve had it now for several days and it truly makes me feel more energized! Here is the recipe!
– Beets (approx. 8-10)
– Carrots (4 Cups)
– Oatmeal (2 Cups)
– Ginger (approx. one root, boiled in 3 Cups of Water; save water)
– Honey (to taste) or cane sugar

Peel the beets and carrots and boil in plenty of water enough to cover them, turn off the stove once they have tendered. In the blender you’re going to add the oatmeal, 1 Cup of purified water, the beets and carrots, and the water of the ginger as well as the root itself. You will then add the honey or sweetener of your choice and blend on high-speed until you no longer see chunks of the veggies. You then want to grab a cheese cloth, or strainer, and drain all of the juice into a gallon container or something similar. Once all the juice has drained throw away the remaining pulp, add more purified water to the juice (enough to where it’s not thick liquid) and sweeten some more if you’d like. Place in the fridge and drink within 3 days! I go ahead and drink about 2 cups of the juice twice a day, adding some ice into my @rainforestbowls small coconut bowl, and pour in the Beet Juice! It’s totally worth the time it takes to make I can assure you. I hope y’all enjoy! 😃❤️☺️🙌🏼🥥
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