Gnocchi Is Probably One Of The Most Delicious And Also One O

Gnocchi is probably one of the most delicious and also one of the most simple pastas you can make from scratch. Store bough always tends to have so many Ingredients that I don’t understand and that doesn’t even sound like food, when in actuality it should never be more than 3-4 ingredients. I opted to healthyfy the dish and chose gluten free flour and sweet potatoes instead of regular (not that there is anything wrong with regular potatoes).

2 cups flour of choice
2 baked and skinned mediums sized potatoes of choice
Bit of salt

Method: mash the baked potatoes and knead it into the flour until it forms one consistency.
Sprinkle more flour, roll it into one long string, cut it into standard sized gnocchi pieces.
Place it into already boiling water, and boil until all of the gnocchi starts floating on top.

I made the sauce with chopped onion, minced garlic, store bought marinara sauce and plant based ground beef.

Sprinkled with #dayiacheese

It’s fun to make while listening to great music of choice and sipping on some wine! Always ☺️!

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