Give This A Try This Week :) Apple Pie Oatmeal By @nourishin

Give this a try this week 🙂 Apple Pie Oatmeal by @nourishingalex 🍎 Perfect bowl of oats for your next breakfast! Find the recipe below!⁠
Apple pie oatmeal:⁣⁠
– 1c (100g) oats ⁣⁣⁠
– a pinch of salt⁣⁣⁠
– a pinch of nutmeg⁣⁣⁠
– a sprinkle of cinnamon⁣⁣⁠
– splash of almond milk⁣⁣⁠
– 1tbsp maple syrup, plus extra to drizzle⁣⁣⁠
– 1tsp vanilla extract ⁣⁣⁠
– 1 medium sweet apple, chopped into chunks ⁣⁣⁠
– a handful of pecans ⁣⁣⁠
To sauté the cinnamon apple, add your apple chunks to a small saucepan with a little bit of water , sprinkle in some cinnamon. Cook the apple on a medium heat until it starts to bubble, then turn the heat down to low to simmer for 10-15 mins until the apples are soft and the liquid has evaporated. Stir the pecans in with the apples.⁣⁣⁠
To make the porridge:⁣⁣⁠
1. Add the oats to a pan, stir in salt, cinnamon & a pinch of nutmeg. Pour some boiling water until you just covered the oats, give a good stir and soak for 5 mins until the porridge is gloopy. ⁣⁣⁠
2. Add the oats to the hob, add a splash of almond milk, the maple syrup and the vanilla extract, then gently heat up and cook until your reach your desired consistency. ⁣⁣⁠
3. Pour your oatmeal into your bowl, top with coconut yoghurt, the sautéed cinnamon apple, pecans & drizzle with maple syrup! Enjoy!⁠

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