Ginger And Scallion Noodles By @thefoodietakesflight 🥢⁠

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Ginger and scallion noodles by @thefoodietakesflight 🥢⁠

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3 tbsp neutral oil⁠
2 large scallions 75g⁠
5 thin slices of raw ginger 15g⁠
8 pieces (100g) shiitake mushrooms or other mushrooms of choice, sliced⁠
1 tbsp shaoxing wine or Chinese cooking wine, see notes⁠
2 cups water or vegetable broth⁠
1 tbsp dark soy sauce for colour⁠
1-2 tbsp premium soy sauce or regular soy sauce adjust according to taste⁠
1 1/2 tbsp organic brown sugar or other sweetener, adjust according to desired sweetness⁠
Pinch of white pepper⁠
180 g (3 bundles) wheat noodles, I used the wide curly Kuan Miao noodle variety, see notes for subs⁠
1 tbsp cornstarch diluted in 2 tbsp room temperature water⁠
2 tbsp ginger scallion sauce, homemade recipe here, or more, it’s up to you!⁠
More chopped scallions for topping⁠

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