GHOSTLY CRUMPETS ?! French Toast Style ✨

ghostly crumpets french toast style multip img cfc
ghostly crumpets french toast style multip img cfc

GHOSTLY CRUMPETS ?! French toast style ✨

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?Only 4 days till Halloween (or is it 3? Do you count the day of, or not?) so we are ramping up the spooky themed recipes! I found these cute crumpets in @asda and I just HAD to buy them! I used my regular “French toast batter” using @myvegan protein, flaxseed and oat milk but you can make them any way you like! Swipe to the recipe card or see below for my version!

2 ghost shaped crumpets (or reg)

For the batter:
20g @myvegan soy isolate (your preferred flavour, I used salted caramel)
2 tsp ground flaxseed
150-180ml oat milk

Googly eyes
@skinnyfoodco jam and marshmallow syrup

•In a shallow bowl or baking dish, mix together the flaxseed and protein, slowly add the milk, stirring to prevent clumping.
•Place your crumpets in and allow to soak on each side for 5 mins.
•Heat a greased pan on a medium heat and cook until golden on each side (up to 5 mins ish).
•Then add your yummy toppings! I used the googly eyes, jam for a mouth and drizzled with syrup!

*Use any leftover protein “batter” as milk for cereal or for your baked oats!

?How do you guys top your crumpets?

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