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For more tasty-delish vegan recipes follow @plantdfoods 🌱⠀
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Stir-fried sweet chili rice noodlesâ €
.â €
Photo and recipe @thefoodietakesflightâ €
__â €
200g dry rice noodlesâ €
Sliced vegetables of choice (I used bell peppers and leeks)â €
Sweet Chili Peanut Sauceâ €
2 tbsp sesame oilâ €
__â €
Sweet-Chili Peanut Sauceâ €
__â €
1 tbsp peanut butterâ €
2 tbsp waterâ €
3 tbsp liquid aminosâ €
2 tbsp maple syrupâ €
1 tbsp sriracha (you can opt to less/more depending on your desired spice level)â €
1 clove garlic, mincedâ €
2 tbsp sesame oilâ €
__â €
1. In a bowl, dilute the peanut butter in 2 tbsp water.â €
2. Mix in the rest of the ingredients and set aside.â €
3. Heat a large skillet. Add in 2 tbsp sesame oil.â €
4. Sauté the vegetables. I sautéed the red cabbage and carrots first before setting them aside. Then I sautéed the bell peppers and onions.⠀
5. While cooking the vegetables, half cook the rice noodles in some boiling water. Drain and coat with a little oil to avoid them from sticking together.â €
6. Add in the noodles to the pan along with the veggies. Pour in the sauce. Allow the noodles to cook in the sauce for 3-5 minutes.â €
7. Enjoy while hot! Rice noodles tend to get sticker as it cools so feel free to add more sesame oil if needed. .â €
.â €
.â €
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