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Hey fam!! 👋🏼 Have you seen that post going around where it’s a picture of a cube of beef and a piece of broccoli, and the caption says 100 calories of broccoli contains more protein than 100 calories of beef? That may be true, but it’s also misleading! That’s because you’d only need to eat 1.5 ounces of beef to get 100 calories, whereas you’d need to eat 10 ounces of broccoli to get 100 calories!
🥦 I made this post to show just how silly it is to compare plants to animal foods. And before I get a ton of hate, here’s the thing: I’m actually sort of kidding with this post, because broccoli IS insanely healthy. Yes, comparing broccoli to shrimp is idiotic. But, some people (or documentaries—cough cough Game Changers 😆) do it and I wanted to tackle that 💩.
😎 The takeaway: Eat lots of broccoli. Just don’t kid yourself into thinking it would be easy to get all of your protein, iron, zinc, or any number of other important micronutrients with it. On the other hand, broccoli provides vitamin C, fiber, folate, and that wonderful genetic modulator sulforaphane I’ve talked a bit about—you’d be hard pressed to find those super important ingredients in beef!
🙇🏻‍♂️ Both are healthy. You NEED nutrients found in both. How you get them, well that’s up to you! But let’s try to be a little more truthful with our campaigning for our respective nutritional ideologies, how bout it? 🙂

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