Avo toast sandwich⁣?

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Avo toast sandwich⁣

The amount of avocado toasts I’ve consumed, I’ve never thought to stick the two pieces of toast together. Today I did and it was revolutionary. You have to try this! It makes so much sense ✨⁣

Serves 1 RSF⁣
2 slices sourdough⁣
1 avocado⁣
1 1/2 tbsp goats cheese⁣
1/2 lime⁣
2 tbsp dill⁣
Chilli flakes ⁣
Salt & pepper ⁣

In a bowl add avocado, lime and salt & pepper. Mash up together. Add in dill and goats cheese and mix. ⁣
Pan fry one side of each slice or bread, or toast. ⁣
Add avocado to both slices and press together into a sandwich! That’s it!

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