Flax Egg, What Is It

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flax egg what is it display image e95dd14c

Flax egg, what is it?

Is a healthy egg substitute I use in many of my vegan recipes, you can use this alternative as well if you have egg allergies.

It is pretty simple, you just mix flax seeds and water, let it rest for a few minutes and voila!

The great thing about it is that it binds ingredients together, but you’re also adding extra fiber to your diet.

You can also use ground flaxseeds, I prefer it like these as I can reap its benefits much better.

Flaxseeds are one of the healthiest high fat foods out there.

Just 2 Tablespoons of flaxseeds have:

– 70 Calories
– 2g Protein
– 5g Fat
– 4g Carbohydrates
– 4g Fiber

Compared to eggs, flax eggs have roughly half of the calories and are much higher in fiber and Omega-3.

Flax eggs are made by simply whisking together one tablespoon of ground flaxseed with three tablespoons of water.

A flax egg can be substituted for regular eggs at a one-to-one ratio. If your recipe calls for several eggs, you can multiply the recipe to make as many as you need.

Next time, try these instead of eggs when making pancakes or bread and you’ll be adding extra good fats and fiber to your diet.

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