Flavorful Dumplings Noodle Soup?

flavorful dumplings noodle soup display image  35cc855e
flavorful dumplings noodle soup display image 35cc855e

Flavorful Dumplings Noodle Soup?
By @woon.heng

Recipe (yields 2-3 servings)⁣
15 dumpling wrappers⁣
2 cups shredded cabbage⁣
1 small carrot, shredded⁣
1/2 cup edamame, roughly chopped⁣
1 teaspoon pepper⁣
1 tablespoon umami seasoning⁣
Umami broth:⁣
2 small tomatoes, cubed⁣
1 small potato, cubed⁣
4 cups of water⁣
2 tablespoons umami seasoning ⁣
Others ingredients: noodles of choice (cook as directed), green vegetables (used YuChoy), water, oil for cooking⁣

Potstickers: Heat a non-stick pan with 1 tablespoon of oil & sauté carrot, cabbage, edamame until the cabbage is tender. Season with umami seasoning & pepper. Dish out & let cool. To make the dumpling, place a spoonful of filling onto the middle of the wrapper & pleat to seal. Using the same pan, add another 2 teaspoons of oil & add in the dumplings in one layer, slightly apart. Cook until the bottom turns slightly brown then add a cup of water. Cover it with a lid & cook over medium heat until all water has evaporated. Set aside.⁣
Umami broth: In a heated pan with ½ tablespoons oil, sauté tomatoes & potatoes for about 1 min. Add in the water & season with 2 tablespoons of #yondu umami seasoning. Place a lid over, bring it to boil, then lower the heat to simmer & cook until potatoes are fork-tender. Remove the lid, taste test & season if needed then cook vegetables of choice until tender. ⁣
To serve, place cooked noodles in a bowl, then ladle the umami broth with vegetables over & top with potstickers.⁣

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