Find Your Inner PEAS ✌️

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Find your inner PEAS ✌️

What could be better than cooking something delicious super quickly and without any hassle?

Since I had no burger patties left I decided to make something out of the leftover burger buns.

I’m so relieved that I had sauces from @all.that.dips which made my job a lot easier!

Made 2 versions – one for the vegetarians/vegan and the other for non-vegetarians.

All you need for this recipe is:

1) Burger buns/bread
2) 50-100 gms green peas
3) 2 eggs
4) 2 green chillies
5) Salt turmeric, red chilli powder and black pepper powder as per taste
6) Cheese slice/grated cheese
7) @all.that.dips American barbecue sauce


1) Slice the burger bun into 2 halves and toast it. You can even use bread for the same.
2) For the vegetarian one, take a pan and heat the oil. Then add the green peas along with salt, turmeric and red chilli powder. Cook it till peas become soft and now take a masher and mash the peas. Take the bun and spread the peas mash on top of it. Now add grated cheese and delicious barbecue sauce.
3) For the egg version, beat the eggs and add salt, green chillies and pepper. Now take a pan, add oil and then add the egg mixture. We want scrambled eggs so start mixing it until it’s ready. Cook this on a low flame so that you’re eggs have a soft texture that just melts in the mouth. Now take the bun and add cheese slice. Then add your scrambled egg and barbecue sauce. You can even garnish this with some coriander!

The best part about this recipe is that you can create your very own version with your favourite ingredients.

I’m so in love with the barbecue sauce from @all.that.dips that I’m using it in almost everything.

Couldn’t wait to try their peri peri and jerk sauce!

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