Finally Satisfied My Cravings For My Vegan Take On The Class

Finally satisfied my cravings for my vegan take on the classic #shrimpandgrits. I had been thinking about this meal since I last cooked it a couple months ago. Friday I started cutting my greens onions, boiling my water for the grits, then realized we were out of grits. If you know me, once I’m in the house, I’m not going back out. But I was craving this so bad I got dressed and went to go buy some grits. Definitely worth it!!!

▪️Plant based milk
▪️Vegan butter
▪️@violife_foods parmesan wedge
▪️Canned jackfruit
▪️Green onions
▪️Bell pepper (I had yellow)
▪️Creole seasoning
▪️Old bay
▪️Cayenne pepper
▪️Smoked paprika
▪️Garlic powder
▪️Onion powder

1. Cook grits according to packaging.
2. When grits are almost done add butter, milk, and parmesan cheese
3. In separate skillet sauté diced green onions and bell peppers
4. Add rinsed and drained jackfruit
5. Break jackfruit apart then add spices.
6. Cook until jackfruit has browned some then set aside
7. In same skillet whisk together butter and flour, then add milk, creole seasoning, smoked paprika, and cayenne pepper
8. Assemble grits, jackfruit, sauce, and add kale and tomatoes to include veggies and for a nice pop of color

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