Fermented Brussels Sprouts With Quince, Beetroot, Carrot, Ga

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Fermented Brussels sprouts with quince, beetroot, carrot, garlic and main ingredient ??? rose hip !!! This is a real bomb💣
The lactic acid bacteria involved in the fermentation process produce enough acid to protect the product from spoilage without reducing the amount of nutrients. They also give salted vegetables a unique taste, especially appreciated by gourmets. It is possible with cauliflower and cabbage.

This appetizer has a pleasant taste and aroma. Such preparation will preserve vitamins and minerals, the need for which is especially great in the cold season. An additional bonus: the brine, which you get as a result of fermenting vegetables, can be used to acidify borscht and as an invigorating vitamin drink.

To obtain a spicy composition in a traditional style, we memorize the elementary “formula” with the word “one”: 1 liter of drinking liquid + 1 tbsp. l. table salt + 1 tbsp. l. regular sugar.
Dissolve all the components of the brine in warm water, add laurel leaf and peppercorns, other spices and seasonings to taste. Boil the mixture for several minutes. Bon appetit and be healthy!

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