Feed Our Skins With #organic, Food-grade Ingredients Cos Hea

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Feed our skins with #organic, food-grade ingredients cos healthy #ingredientsmatter !

the Blessed Soaps®️ are specially formulated with No Nasties, paraben, SLS, palm oil etc. in these soaps. They are Ultra-Moisturizing with Organic Aloe, Shea Butter, Coconut, Olive & Sunflower Oils.

Thank you @jereminepoh for featuring our organic Castile soaps.
“We are indeed blessed to receive these Multi-Award Winning soaps with ????, ??? and ????? to have ????????, ???????? and ???? ???????! Very nice and apt name given to each scent.

The soaps are made from 100% Organic Natural Ingredients with the most stringent organic certification – NASAA and paraben free.

These are the 6 scents available for the blessed soaps
??? (Citrus) : Uplift moods, purify skin and fight nausea
???? (Unscented) : Good for newborn, sensitive skin or skin allegries
????? (Lavender) : Smooth irritation and promotes peaceful sleep
???????? (Tea Tree) : Reputed for skin woes i.e acne, dranduff
???????? (Peppermint) : Cooling effect to refresh and promote focusness
???? ??????? (Eucalyptus) : Clears mind, sinus and promote vitality

I love how handy the soap is for head to toes.
@rqmah enjoys her bubble bath and complete her bath with the ???? soap suitable for toddler. My favourite is peppermint that left a cooling effect after the bath and refresh my mind.”

? www.natures-glory.com/collections/bath

NATURE’S GLORY – The Name You Trust For Health®️ since 1991

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