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ᥴꪖꪶꪑ ᧁꪖ?ꪶⅈᥴ – ????? ???? ?????????


This is a very special creation, the plant based version of the famous Valencian Paella and turned out soo good! ?❤️
I have used Arborio rice and a range of vegetables to make this rich in all round nutrients, minerals, protein & vitamins.
This is also dairy-free, gluten-free ( arborio rice is gluten free), processed ingredients free.

RECIPE: Video instructions Up on Instagram Stories & under World Cuisine Highlights on Instagram page ❤️?

STEP 1: Sofrito ~ Paella base comprising of virgin olive oil, garlic, onions, tomatoes & green peppers ( all chopped) and cook on medium high for a minute till fragrant

STEP 2: Stock ~ I used homemade Vegetable stock made from using extra vegetable scraps & peels. Ratio for Arborio rice :stock is 1:3 for this recipe. If unsalted stock, kindly add salt & black pepper to taste.
Add the Arborio rice & stock, along with 2 tbsps nutritional yeast & some nori strips ( optional ) and keep flame on medium high

STEP 3: Saffron ~ Add a few strands of Saffron to 1 cup of water/ stock and add to the mixture ( this is the traditional way, you can also use 1tsp turmeric if saffron isn’t available)

STEP 4: Vegetables ~ Since artichoke hearts were unavailable, I added 2 types of beans along with corn & carrots and keep cooking on medium high without the lid on . Once nearly cooked, add broccoli stems & kale on top and cook for 2 minutes with slight lid on so they steam cook.
Do Not stir the rice at any point.

STEP 5: Paella is ready to eat once the rice is cooked and is caramelised on sides and bottom. Serve warm and Enjoy ! ❤️?

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