energizing mocha oats display image  60a0575f
energizing mocha oats display image 60a0575f

This glorious combo has a base of chicory mocha stovetop oats (caffeine free!) topped with apple, blueberries, @coconutcollab yogurt, @nutcessity date & walnut butter and a sprinkle of cacao nibs I bought at @wearegather_uk . I may have partially used the apples to eat the oatmeal like a dip ?.

These oats are a culmination of the foods I love having in the morning and that make me feel energized and refreshed!! My mornings are very personal to me and I like to think of my breakfast (often oats) as a way to care for myself and set myself up for the day. Hope you find the same or it at least inspires you to nurture yourself through your own morning routine / oat combo!!

Chicory mocha stovetop oats #deats :
– 1/2 cup (45 g) porridge oats
– 2 tsp (6 g) flaxseeds
– 1/2 banana mashed
– 1/2 cup @mightypeauk unsweetened pea milk
– 2 tsp @thechicorycompany roasted instant chicory
– 2 tsp cacao powder from @wearegather_uk
– 1 cup boiled water
– Pinch of sea salt
– Few shakes of @traderjoes pumpkin pie spice

Method: Combine your dry ingredients (oats, ground flax, instant chicory, cacao powder and sea salt) into a small pot and give it a good stir. Then add the wet ingredients (mashed banana, milk of choice, boiled water) and stir. Place the pot on the stove and cook on medium/low heat, stirring every min or so. I end up cooking it until the air bubbles coming out of the oats have a continuous flow of air. Essentially when the oats are thick enough they are not longer liquid but are not dry. Then serve and add your toppings!
– You can add less liquid but I think the amount let’s the ingredients soak and cook through as the liquid evaporates

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