Easy Breakfast Flatbreads

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Easy Breakfast Flatbreads

Avo on toast is many peoples brekkie go to!!

Well what if we upgraded it a little?!🙌

Speedy breakfast flatbreads topped with Avo smash, grilled chilli tomatoes, bacon crumbles, fresh basil and some lip smacking Caramelised balsamic?

Sounds special, you betcha! But it’s super quick and can all be cooked on your BBQ whilst enjoying the morning sunshine, or in my case rain lol

Makes the morning smell like a camping holiday!

🌱Flatbreads (makes 6)
1.5 cups warm water
1 Tsp sugar
1 sachet of quick yeast
1 Tsp cooking salt
3 cups bread flour

6 Tomatoes
Vegan bacon @nextfoodsofficial
Fresh basil
2 avocados
Chili olive oil @robinvaleestate
Caramelised balsamic @robinvaleestate
Chopped pistachios or dukkah

➡️To make the flatbreads add the yeast, sugar and water ingredients to a bowl and mix together. Add the flour and salt and mix to make a dough. Cover and put somewhere warm for 20 mins.
➡️Mash your avos and halve your tomatoes
➡️Heat your BBQ to medium, lightly brush the grill and hot plate with some olive oil.
➡️Add the bacon onto the hot plate then brush the tomatoes with chill oil and place face down. Turn as needed until cooked.
➡️Tip the dough onto your bench and split into 6 pieces. Flatten and Stretch them out with your hands to make the desired shape then add to the grill side of your BBQ ( you want those nice charred bits) leave them to cook for 3-4 mins
➡️Brush the top of the flatbreads with olive oil and then flip them to cook the other side.
➡️To assemble, top each of your breads with avocado and tomatoes. Crumble on the bacon and sprinkle with fresh basil. Finally a big pour of Caramelised balsamic vinegar and some chopped pistachios or dukkah top off this masterpiece!!

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