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We (especially Akiko) truly love Earl Grey tea! It’s a black tea infused blend with a luxury aroma of bergamot oil which is in the citrus family and has a very intense and distinctive aroma. When we drink Earl Grey tea it makes us feel like Queen Elizabeth accompanied by corgis…instead, we are accompanied by our beagle sous chefs, Red and Haylie!
This waffle will definitely elevate your usual waffles on the weekend!

The Inspiration

This inspiration came from Akiko’s old time favorite cake, Earl Grey chiffon cake, back in Japan. We experimented with waffles (Peter’s favorite breakfast) and it turned out to be great! It’s not fluffy and airy like the chiffon cake, but we can still experience the reminiscence of the luxurious aromatic bite. It became an instant favorite for Peter! To enhance the aroma of bergamot, we also added orange zest. The tea leaves are ground using this spice/coffee bean grinder.

The Real Bergamot

There are many Earl Grey tea options available. Make sure not only to buy organic but also it’s important to look for the one with real bergamot. Be sure to avoid the ones made with “artificial bergamot flavors” or “natural citrus flavors.” We believe that great ingredients make great food which make us happy to eat and also to know that we are supporting what we believe good for all . For the tea leaves, we use the one from Mountain Rose Herbs. In case you aren’t aware, there is a company who focuses on sustainability and organic agriculture. Their Earl Grey is by far the best flavor that we’ve tasted. In fact, we also buy other dry herbs, spices, and teas from them. Make sure to check it out!

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