Dreamy Chocolate Peanut Butter Porridge 🍫 🥣 🥜 🍪

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dreamy chocolate peanut butter porridge 🍫 🥣 🥜 🍪 🍓

Bit of a random mishmash of toppings and flavours here but trust me it SLAPPED 😍 best bowl of evening porridge I have had in a long time 🤪

-oats and @theproteinworks choc digestive protein*, mixed with almond milk and microwaved
– topped with melted frozen berries
– @ketohana peanut butter granola (review below)
– @rawbakestation vanilla choc chip cookies
– peanut butter

– the @ketohana granola is SO nice 😍 as it’s a keto granola, there are no oats and the base is mostly coconut flakes but I love coconut! The granola is the perfect level of toasted and the flavours are amazing! Would highly recommend, especially if you’re trying to get in some more fats in your diet as this is an amazing (addictive 🤪) crunchy topping for porridge, yog bowls, anything!
– I also really liked the @rawbakestation cookies! They are obvs not the most indulgent cookies as they are quite “healthy” but for the ingredients they are amazing!! I especially loved the texture, it was kind of like shortbread, nice and a bit crumbly which I loved! The only thing I wanted was more choc chips! I think I only had about 2 in all 4 cookies 😂😢

*code ZARA and link in bio for money off @theproteinworks

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