Delicious Vegetarian Frittata Will Save You! It Saved Me Ton

delicious vegetarian frittata will save you it saved me ton display image  32186b62
delicious vegetarian frittata will save you it saved me ton display image 32186b62

Delicious Vegetarian Frittata will save you! It saved me tonight at least. It’s quick & easy – my favourite combination. We are just before grocery shopping day, running low on stuff – so this dish was perfect for the situation. This frittata is with red and yellow peppers and asparagus. Kids really liked it, especially my eldest one. She also offered to help her sister to finish hers? I made this baby friendly- so no salt added. My baby had some too and enjoyed it.

– 8 eggs
– bunch of asparagus
– 1 shallot
– 1 green pepper
– half yellow pepper
– spinach leaves
– cheddar cheese
– oil for frying

Dice the shallot, heat up frying pan with a bit of oil and sauté the shallot. Dice the peppers and add to the pan. Remove hard ends from asparagus, cut in pieces and add to the pan. Fry on low heat for around 12 minutes until the veggies are soft. In the meantime- beat the eggs to the bowl, mix. Add the veggies from the pan to the bowl and mix. Now, move the mixture back on the frying pan and let it set. I know some people add the eggs mix straight to the pan- but that’s how I learned to do it- I saw it once in France when my host family was cooking dinner. Now let it cook for about 8mins on medium heat making sure it’s not getting burnt at the bottom. Sprinkle with cheddar cheese and spinach leaves. Turn the oven or microwave for the central grill setting and stick the pan there *** Make sure your frying pan is ok to go to the oven *** And grill for about 4 mins until the top is set and golden. Serve with green salad on side and couscous if you like. It’s delicious! ?
What did you cook tonight?
Have a great evening everyone ?
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