Delicious Persian Food @ravaghpersiangrill In Roslyn, Long I

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Delicious Persian food @ravaghpersiangrill in Roslyn, Long Island – there is a location in NYC as well.

Great Vegetarian Options Which include :


*Cooked eggplant simmered in home-made tomato sauce, topped with yogurt.

Mediterranean Chopped Salad
*Chopped crisp lettuce, steak tomato, cucumber, red onion and Feta cheese mixed with vinaigrette.

Mast Khiar
*Homemade yogurt with cucumber and mint

Zereshk Polo
*Barberries, currents and saffron mixed with basmati rice.

Green rice
*Dilled rice

** And if your a Non Veg- definitely a lot of great options in the Kebobs

Patra ( not from there ) had in the second picture on the right – An Indian snack called:
Patra is a traditional Gujarati vegetarian dish prepared with nutritious colocasia leaves which are stuffed with a mix of ingredients such as garam masala, gram flour, mustard seeds, sesame seeds, turmeric, chili paste, and asafetida. The leaves are then rolled, steamed, and fried or deep-fried until crispy

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