Day 8 (of 14 Days Quarantine) ☁️

Day 8 (of 14 days quarantine) ☁️
“Fake meat” testing 🙃
So when you check in the hotel for the quarantine they ask about your dietary requirements so they can deliver adequate meals 3 time a day (left on a chair covered with plastic in front the room for you to take after you hear the ring bell 😅)
We had some lost in translation moments about what a plant based died is but honestly they try their best to accommodate and this is how I got acquainted with “fake meat”. I am more a whole food kinda gal but when you are “jailed” for 14 days a food experiment can keep you busy.
So far I don’t know where it comes from, the brand or what it is made of (blind test 🤓) but it certainly look the part. Taste wise I am not so convinced as it is soaked in sugary sauce (which can make anything taste ok). So I don’t know where I stand yet I still need to look up the ingredients but I already know I am better off with hummus and lentils 🌱

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