Day 2 Of #75hardchallenge

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day 2 of 75hardchallenge multip img 0 e0cfa87f

Day 2 of #75hardchallenge

I spent 1st part of my day at the office so I only worked on my water intake & I purchased a new book that’s super exciting & motivating & I’m gonna have a hard time now reading only 10 pages per day.

I got a pretty bad IBS bloating reaction in the morning that lasted through the afternoon. Either from eating apples or apple peel or because I was thinking about money. With IBS I’m never exactly sure if it’s from food or something emotional.

I passed out after work & after my nap I started the indoor part of my workout & it was so ADD. I worked on my arms, sit ups, jumping (invisible rope), jumping jacks, squats with weights, Zumba, freestyle dancing…… I did a 1 hour indoor workout & drank a lot of water.

The 1st photo is taken during the 2nd part of my workout, the outdoor part. I went for a 1h 30 min evening walk & also carried groceries home.

Came across a lazer beam show near my house & was amused enough to take a video. It looked even cooler at night but I was too exhausted to take a video on my way back home.

The Noodles from Itsu was my dinner. I read the ingredients & there’s no junk in there. Just rice noodles, miso & more seasoning. It’s also Vegan & Gluten Free. I also made a small after workout protein shake when I got home:

1 Tablespoon Hemp Protein powder
Some frozen mango
Some frozen strawberries
1 tablespoon chia seeds
100 ml coconut milk

Blend & Enjoy!

I was still a little hungry later so I ate 4 dates. By the way I drank 5 liters of water for the day.

The 4th photo is after my 1st workout but with new shirt & makeup.
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