Date Brownies ?

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date brownies display image 0c7d3b6e

Date Brownies ?

We love baking on the weekend! This is our first baking recipe online. We often try to keep things healthy, so these are the perfect guilt-free but delicious brownies! This recipe will be enough for approximately brownies on a 20 by 20 cm tray, but can mix and match in any type of baking tray. With oven time, these brownies will take approximately 1 hour to make.

8 Tbsp. Ground flaxseed
1 Cup of Water
150 Gr. Vegan butter
100 Gr. Flower
100 Gr. Coconut flower
3 Tbsp. Cacao powder
75 Gr. Chopped dark chocolate
½ Cup Almond milk
5 Dates
½ Cup of Coconut blossom sugar
¼ Tsp. Baking powder
Pinch of Salt

1. Create a ‘flax egg’ by mixing the ground flaxseed with the water and let it sit for about 10 min.
2. While the flax egg is being prepared, mix all the ‘dry’ ingredients in a separate bowl – the flours, cacao powder, sugar, baking powder and salt.
3. Add all the ‘wet’ ingredients in a big mixing bowl – the melted butter, almond milk, the dates and the flax egg substance.
4. Slowly start adding the dry mix to the wet ingredients bit by bit.
The substance will not be very fluid but more like a thick substance, that is how it should be. You can mix it with the spatula instead of a hand mixer.
5. Add the chopped dark chocolate in the end and fill the baking tray with the mix.
6. Place the tray in the oven for 40 minutes at 150 degrees celsius, let it cool for 20 minutes after.

Enjoy! ???

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