Dark Chocolate Matcha Baked Oats ??

dark chocolate matcha baked oats multip img eea
dark chocolate matcha baked oats multip img eea

dark chocolate matcha baked oats ??

guys- would it be a crime to say that this is the first time i’ve ever tried matcha… and it’s in the form of baked oats?? i mean… if it’s anything like these beauts then i’m on board :’)

thank you so, so much to @gainful for sending over some personalized protein powder and flavor sticks to try out!! (#gifted, but honest review!) i love that the protein powder is personalized to your own needs- and made with simple ingredients! (mine is only 3 ingredients: pea protein, brown rice protein, and green tea extract!) i used their matcha flavor stick for these and it turned out absolutely amazing! so- definitely go check them out and take the quiz to get your own personalized protein powder 🙂
dark chocolate matcha baked oats:
– 1/2 cup oats, blended
– 1 scoop protein powder (@gainful)*
– 1 matcha flavor stick (@gainful)*
– 2/3 cup plant milk
– 2 tbsp yogurt (nondairy as needed)
– 1 tsp baking soda
– 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
– 1 tbsp honey/maple syrup
for chocolate:
– 2 tbsp cacao powder
– 2 tbsp plant milk
filling: vanilla nondairy yogurt
topping: melted chocolate

1. preheat your oven to 400° F/200° C
2. mix all base ingredients in a small bowl.
3. add half of the batter into your oven safe dish.
4. add the cacao powder and milk to the remaining batter.
5. add the chocolate batter into the oven safe dish with the matcha.
6. swirl slightly (opt.)
7. add yogurt to the center.
8. bake for 16-20 minutes (for a creamier or cakier texture)
9. top with melted chocolate (opt.)
10. enjoy!

*if you don’t have gainful (?) you can sub a serving of your favorite protein powder (or leave out) and 1 tbsp matcha powder!

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