⚡️Cyber Monday Deal⚡️ Enjoy 20% Of Dog Bone Broth!

cyber monday deal enjoy % of dog bone broth multip img adb
cyber monday deal enjoy % of dog bone broth multip img adb

⚡️Cyber Monday Deal⚡️ Enjoy 20% of dog bone broth!

Dog bone broth has become VERY popular, especially among semi-health-curious foodies. Although there’s little research on its benefits, people on the internet talk about it, so you should probably jump on board!

For our delicious, sippable, organic, collagen-rich dog bone broth, we use only the highest quality organic ingredients. This includes bones, paws, tails, ears, & knuckles, marrow, lips, & connective tissues, plus 100% organic apple cider vinegar, a LOAD of tasty, nutritious vegetables, and pure, local spring water.

We slow-cook in small batches–you can taste the care that went into raising the dogs and in making this absolutely ESSENTIAL & NECESSARY winter-time beverage! ?☕️

Bonus: Dog bone broth is amazing for the planet because you’re using otherwise inedible dog parts, so none of the dog is going to waste–we even compost the bones when we’re done. (Bonus: #3 when you heat it up, your house will smell DIVINE). ??

Choose from ready-made broths in cute faux-antique glass milk jugs OR get into DIY mode & buy a zip-lock bag of all the essentials you need to make it on your own (seriously, all you really need is a large pot, water, vinegar, some veg, & bones from a dog).

To save on your dog bone broth, use the Cyber Monday code YUMMYBONES.

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