Crispy Bottom Veggie Buns? – Made With A Simple No Yeast

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Crispy bottom Veggie Buns? – made with a simple no yeast dough & filled with crunchy green beans?

Recipe (makes 10 buns)⁣
?Dough ⁣
– 300g [~2 1/2 cups] all-purpose flour (see notes below if using cups)⁣
-175ml [3/4 cup] hot boiling water⁣
– pinch of salt⁣
– 1/2lb (250g) green beans, chopped⁣
– 16oz firm tofu, pressed & mashed⁣
– 1 small carrot, finely chopped⁣
– a handful of chopped cilantro⁣
– 2 teaspoons toasted sesame oil, 1 teaspoon salt, a few shakes of white pepper⁣
?Other ingredients: oil for cooking, sesame seeds, chopped green onion⁣

✅To make the dough, mix flour & salt in a large bowl until well combined. Make a well in the middle & pour in hot water. Using a spatula, fold in all flour until a shaggy dough forms with no dry spots of flour in the bowl (if it does, add cold water, 1 tablespoon at a time). Transfer flour to a cleaned surface & knead until a smooth dough forms, about 10mins. Cover with a damp towel & rest for 30 mins.⁣

✅Meanwhile, place tofu in a cheesecloth bag & wring out all the liquid. Saute chopped green beans with 1 teaspoon oil in a pan for about 1-2 mins. Add green beans into a bowl along with tofu, carrot & seasoning ingredients. Mix well & divide the mixture into 10 portions & form it into a patty-like shape.⁣

✅When ready, dust flour on the surface, roll dough into a log & divide into 10 equal balls.⁣

✅To assemble, take one dough, flatten it with your palm & roll into a wrapper, about 4.5 inches diameter by keeping the middle part thicker Place one filling patty in the middle & pleat to seal. Dab the smooth side with water then gently press in some sesame seeds.⁣

✅To cook the buns (baked/pan-fried), ⁣ ?Note: To measure flour in the cup, I used the spoon & sweep method. Spoon flour into a standard measuring cup, then level the top with a knife without packing the flour, which I had about ~63g in 1/2 cup.

Cooking notes:⁣⁣
– I stacked the dumpling wrapper in about 3-4 and roll it out thin. It was hard for me to roll it one by one. Most dumpling wrappers have cornstarch in between layers, so it was easy for me to peel them off⁣⁣
– Feel free to use any vegetables you liked, just make sure it’s not too wet or it will break the wrapper easily.⁣⁣
– I used my homemade garlic chile sauce (recipe and video on my blog too) to serve these with⁣⁣.
I hope you give this recipe a try. Have a great start to your week.

This recipe is quoted from the Woonheng profile. 

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