creamy tomato pasta display image bfdc
creamy tomato pasta display image bfdc


I had the pleasure of making this rich, lovely pasta for my mom last week. I think she loved it! ??

pasta of your choice, cooked al dente
reserved pasta water OR veggie broth (if making GF pasta)
an onion
crushed garlic cloves, to taste
tomato paste
a box of cherry tomatoes
sundried tomatoes
cashews, soaked in boiling water
non-dairy milk
miso paste
nutritional yeast
salt, italian seasoning, and black pepper
vegan parmesan (optional)

how to:
cook the pasta according to package instructions, reserving some ✨pasta water✨ for later. sauté a diced onion and crushed garlic cloves with salt, black pepper, and italian herbs. stir frequently. while you wait for the onion to caramelize, blend soaked cashews, a spoonful of miso paste, and a hefty shake of ? nutritional yeast ? with enough non-dairy milk, broth, or pasta water (I used a combo of pasta water & soy milk) to cover the nuts.

when the onion caramelizes, add about a tablespoon of tomato paste along with a box of cherry tomatoes and a pinch of salt to help them break down. stir frequently until the cherry tomatoes break open and start to form a sauce. add a bit of pasta water to deglaze, and add in your cooked pasta (should be just under al dente when you add). add some of your cashew cream sauce and some sundried tomatoes, and toss to combine. if your sauce is too runny, have no fear! just keep stirring!!! ??

serve with a scrunch of black pepper and some vegan parmesan.

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