Corn Fritters For Saturday Lunch! Easy & Quick To Make From

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Corn Fritters for Saturday lunch! Easy & quick to make from scratch and delicious!!!
4 fresh cobs of corn
1 cup plant based milk (I use Soy)
1 red capsicum
1 stick celery
1 cup Besan (Chick Pea) Flour
1 cup GF Self Raising Flour
2 tbs nutritional yeast
Pinch of salt

1) Cut corn from cobs (into shallow bowl so it does not fly everywhere!)
2) Place 2/3 of corn in a blender. Add veggie milk , nutritional yeast & salt. Blend.
3) Pour mixture into a mixing bowl. Add the left out corn kernels, chopped capsicum, chopped celery, besan & self raising flours. Mix together to form a sticky batter – add milk or flour to create desired consistency (so it won’t spread in pan).
4)Heat olive oil in pan. When oil is warm, place spoonfuls of batter in – I did four at a time. Cook gently / slowly to ensure they cook through. Flip when golden brown on one side. Press to flatten & ensure insides cook.
5) Remove from heat and place on paper towel for a few seconds – pat dry to remove excess oil.
6) Serve hot & enjoy!!!
I served with store bought vegan mayo & an Harissa dip from our local market, then sprinkled with fresh garlic chives! On the side – last night’s weird but wonderful (!) left over salad (rocket, cabbage, carrot, bean shoots, cucumber, sultanas!) Yum! Hope you love them as much as my family if you give them a try!😄🌱
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