Colorful Slices Of Assorted Vegetables And Mushrooms Are Boi

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colorful slices of assorted vegetables and mushrooms are boi multip img 0 97500666

Colorful slices of assorted vegetables and mushrooms are boiling aesthetically arranged in a brassen pot. ?????? This is nothing less than the famous royal dish Sinseollo 신선로! ? Normally, this fancy stew is found only in specialty restaurants and includes also meat and fish. But the following restaurant offers it’s own, 100% vegan version of the elegant dish:

Maji 마지
19 Jahamun-ro 5, Sajik-dong
사직동 자하문로 5길 19

This place is located within the historic city, it’s only a short walk away from Gyungbok Palace.

It offers an amazingly large menu with veganized traditional Korean dishes – ranging from home style cooking to palace cuisine!
Correspondingly, the prices also vary between 8000 KRW for a simple weekday lunch to 60.000 KRW for a multi course (dinner) menu with royal dishes. ? There is also a selection of Western and Korean spirits. ? Please note that on weekends, however, only the set menues are available!
Another speciality of this restaurant is that no garlic, onion, scallion etc. (오신채) are used – thus, it can be considered as Buddhist temple food as well.

Since garlic and onion – the most common ingredients of Korean cuisine! – are missing, the taste will be different from what you may have formerly experienced. The food is nevertheless flavorful and savory! A Korean friend said that the kimchi 김치 should have been fermented better, but I enjoy being able to try so many new, vegan dishes here!

Dishes pictured here:
1 Sinseollo 신선로
2 aged kimchi rice 묵은지덮밥
3 seaweed soup with rice cakes 옹심이미역국
4 worker’s weekday lunch set 직장인의 집밥 (점심) .
For more info on veggie-friendly food in Korea, check out ? link on profile!

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