Christmas Salad Idea 💡

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Christmas Salad Idea 💡
For those of you who want to enjoy the lighter side of Christmas this might be an option as a side dish.

Christmas Roasted Spiced Salad
1 small red cabbage shredded / cut lengthways
2 red peppers cut lengthways
1 red onion
400g steamed shredded brussel sprouts (food processor required)
Handful of rocket
1 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp ground cloves

1 juiced orange (add more if you like a sweeter taste)
100ml olive oil
1 tbsp of mustard
3 tbsp of red one vinegar
Cupful of roasted almonds (optional)

1. Place red cabbage onto tray season, lightly oil and sprinkle the nutmeg. Leave in oven to roast at 180° for 15mins. On a separate tray apply the same as above but w/ red onion and peppers omit the nutmeg for clove. (Optional: you can add all the veg together and mix the spices I chose to roast them separately but not necessary).

2. Combine the dressing ingredients apart from almonds.

3. Once the veg have cooled down mix the cabbage and sprouts into a bowl w/ half of the dressing. Choose a bowl to serve and add the rocket as a base layer and then layer w/ sprouts & cabbage. Add red peppers & onions last and pour remaining dressing over salad- sprinkle flaked almonds. Season to taste.

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