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≫ ok so I’m actually really proud of this because it’s really the first like baking thing I’ve ever made without a recipe!! It’s not even baking but you know what I mean😅

≫ there is honey in this recipe so it’s not vegan but if you are a vegan that eats honey then these are safe for you to eat!! You could also always swap out the honey for maple syrup if you want to make it 100% vegan

≫ a few of the ingredients are definitely interchangeable so don’t feel like you have to follow it perfectly! 😌

≫ I like to eat these after a workout with my breakfast or a pre workout snack by themselves!

≫ anyways I really hope you like them and if you make them tag me and let me know how they came out!!🥰

– 1 scoop (28) grams of chocolate plant protein powder *
– 1 TBS ground flax
– 1 1/2 TBS honey *
– 1/4 c pumpkin purée
– 1 TBS almond flour (can use oat, coconut, whatever you have)
– 1 TBS almond butter
– just mix everything up until it’s a rollable consistency and not sticky or too dry
– roll them into balls and they’re done!!
– Keep in the fridge until you wanna eat them!

* I like @ripplefoods chocolate protein powder and their scoops are about 28 g so weigh it out if you’re not sure because a lot of protein powders are different!
* can also use maple syrup instead to make it vegan friendly!!
* I used almond flour because it was honestly what I grabbed first but you could probably omit it or use a different type of flour, I just used it because it helped with the consistency
* if you can’t have nuts, replace the almond flour with like oat flour or coconut flour or omit it and replace the almond flour with a seed butter or even tahini (but I don’t know how that’ll taste)

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