CHEWY GINGER COOKIES : I’m Not Much Of A Baker But I Do Tr

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CHEWY GINGER COOKIES : I’m not much of a Baker but I do try and satiate my palate’s craving . I made these chewy cookies so I could savour the flavour a lot longer than the usual snaps.
Quinoa Flour & Whole wheat flour .
I used a proportion of 2:1.
Cinnamon powder & nutmeg
Ginger powder or grated fresh ginger.
Sugar ( Palm sugar or Jaggery)
Vegan butter
Baking powder
Chia seeds & Rolled oats for texture.
Mix the dry Ingredients I.e flours, spices , baking powder. Add vegan butter till all flour is combined .
Make small balls to preferred size and press them to form cookies . Roll them in granulated sugar for the extra crunch and texture.
Lay them on parchment paper and bake them in a preheated oven till your house starts to smell divine. Usually 15/18 mins depending on your oven settings.

The Jaggery I’ve used for sweetness has added the extra brown tinge to my cookies .
Quinoa flour is a lot denser hence a lot more chewy. The Ginger sweetness tastes pretty heavenly with a Cuppa ☕️