Chef Tip ??‍??

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chef tip multip img 0 a7cf637f

Chef tip ??‍??
If you are not a big fan of the taste of raw onion try this! ?❌

1. Diced or sliced your onion and place it in a bowl.
2. Add hot water and let it sit for few minutes.
3. Drain the onions, they are ready to use in your recipe.
4. If you want to add flavour you can also soak the onions in lime, lemon juice or vinegar.

Recipe cold salad with Silverbeet and spinach ??
1. Short pasta, any kind
2. Cucumber, diced
3. Cherry tomatoes, halved
4. Olives, halved
5. Diced red onion
6. Fetta cheese, crumbled on top
7. 1 cup of spinach
8. 1 cup of roughly chopped Corrigan’s Silverbeet
9. Olive oil
10. S&P
11. Chilli flakes (optional)

Cook the pasta, al dente. Once is ready, drain it and leave the tap open with cold water, this will cool down your pasta faster.
Place pasta in a large bowl, mix in all ingredients. Season to taste.

Enjoy! Chef Ana ??‍???‍?

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