Caution ‼️‼️‼️

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caution multip img 0 46d4adb1

Caution ‼️‼️‼️
This is the CREAMIEST and healthiest #veganalfredo sauce you will ever try.
Made with roasted Macadamias and macadamia milk as well, makes it a complete Nutritional meal.
Earlier in the week I was asking on how to cook #broccolirabe and I think this sauce blends so well with this.
✨ 1 package of @nupasta
✨150 gr broccoli Rabe.
✨1 cup @milkadamia or Pea milk.?
✨3 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast.
✨ 1 lemon juice and zest.
✨1 Roasted Green onion.
✨34 gr ROASTED macadamia nuts.
✨ 1 tsp vegetable broth powder I use @gobioorganic and it’s incredible!
✨ Dash of nutmeg.
✨Dash of @redmondrealsalt
✨ Pinch of Garlic powder.
✨Chipotle flakes T/T
✨1 Tbsp Thyme.
✨ 1 TBSP Italian seasoning.
✨ 2 TBSP @miyokoscreamery butter.?

For the sauce. ???
? Blend together the milk, NOCH, half of the lemon juice and add the zest,the green onion, macadamias, nut meg, salt 1 tbsp of butter and just sprinkle a tiny amount of the vegetable.
In the meantime ☝?
?Blanch the broccoli Rabe and put 1 tsp of @redmondrealsalt to the water.
Once is done take out any excess water from it.
?Then in a Baking sheet spread it out and add: Lime juice, @redmondrealsalt Chipotle flakes, the rest of the butter, the Italian seasoning and black pepper and the vegetable broth powder @gobioorganic.
Broil/Grill the #broccolirabe for around 8 min.?
Then once you have the sauce ready incorporate the @nupasta into it then add the broccoli Rabe.
*You can add more Nutritional Yeast* ?
And finish with thyme on top and leftover Macadamias.
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