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carrot chickpea miso coconut pasta with parsley pe multip img 0 46ab51b1

✨✨CARROT/ CHICKPEA MISO/COCONUT PASTA with PARSLEY “PESTO” and TOASTED PANKO✨✨ TBH this recipe took me forever to make. Mostly because I put the pasta sauce in my nutribullet when it was too hot and then it got pressurized and my bf had to slowly try to open it so it didn’t explode lol. But regardless. This recipe. THIS RECIPE is AMAZING. It’s like a vegan Mac and cheese (if you use vegan noodles!) ALSO if you’re having a hard time finding miso I found it at my local Whole Foods by the sushi and hummus! Miso is a fermented Japanese condiment that can be used in the bases of sauces/soups! It is also a probiotic to get those good gut bacteria’s!

INGREDIENTS: ◾️2 VERY large carrots ◾️3tbs chickpea miso ◾️1/2 cup coconut milk ◾️1 cup water ◾️1/2 white onion ◾️lots of garlic ◾️1/3 cup cashews◾️1/2 cup fresh parsley (humble brag got this parsley from my garden ??‍♀️) ◾️1/4 cup olive oil ◾️1 lemon juices ◾️pasta of your choice (we had ziti!) ◾️salt
✨HOW TO: ?steam carrots until they are almost fork tender ? dice white onion and cook in pan with olive oil and garlic ?cook pasta ? add 1 cup of pasta water/peanuts/steamed carrots to onion/garlic and then cook until everything is soft ?blend together parsley/lemon/salt/olive oil for the parsley sauce ?in an oiled pan toast Panko crumbs ?pour carrot sauce contents into a blender and blend it until smooth (DO NOT USE A NUTRIBULLET LOL) ?mix carrot sauce with pasta ?plate pasta and then Panko crumbs then parsley sauce!


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