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It’s blood orange season and I’m mildly obsessed 😂😍🎈These beauties have a crimson, almost blood-coloured flesh and are tangy like a traditional orange but have a distinct raspberry like addition to their flavour 😍

So naturally, I keep stocking up at the grocery store and besides eating them daily, I wanted to make something to show off their lovely flavour and beautiful appearance ❤️

This wonderful cake was the result – A vegan, blood orange upside down cake ✨ With regards to the ingredients, it’s a pretty standard cake recipe; as in “not so healthy” BUT sometimes the real sugar and flour is worth it💫

I used a recipe off of @rainbowplantlife’s blog and it came out beautifully 🎈 It is melt in your mouth light and fluffy, perfectly sweet and presents so beautifully 🌈

I’m keen to start sharing more of my food adventures on my feed – especially my own creations😁 So look out for that in the future; think vegan main meals, treats and a whole lot more 🥙🧁🥒