Biscoff Cheesecake?

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biscoff cheesecake multip img 0 678f45aa

Biscoff Cheesecake?

235g Oreos, Crushed into fine Crumbs (that’s 235g with the “Creme” removed already)
85g Vegan Butter, melted

237mL Coconut Cream (the Fatty top Layer that separates in the Can)
350g Vegan Cream Cheese
260g Biscoff Spread
75g Pure Icing Sugar
Pinch of Salt

Remaining Biscoff Spread in the Jar (140g), melted

1. Preheat Oven to 160*C. Line the Bottom of Springform Tin with Baking Paper. Set aside.
2. In a Medium Bowl, mix together the Oreo Crumbs and Melted Butter. Remove some of the mixture (no more than 50g), put into a Small Bowl and Cover, placing in the Fridge for Decoration later. Press the rest of the Mixture into the Pan, ensuring that the Base is even with no holes.
3. Place in Oven until a bit Darker in Colour and Fragrant smelling (~9 Minutes). Remove from Oven and set on Stovetop/bench top to cool completely.
4. In the Bowl of a a Stand Mixer, on Medium Speed Whip up the Coconut Cream until more Voluminous (this will take a couple of Minutes). Transfer to another Bowl and place in Fridge until ready to use.
5. In the same Stand Mixer Bowl, beat together the Cream Cheese, Biscoff Spread, Icing Sugar and Salt until smooth and well combined.
6. Gently fold the Coconut Cream into the Biscoff Mixture with a Spatula until combined (all one colour, no patches/streaks).
7. Scrape the Mixture into the Tin that has the Base. Ensure it’s even, and smooth out the top.
8. Place in Fridge and Refrigerate for 5-6 Hours.
9. Using a Blunt Knife, loosen the Cheesecake and Base from the sides of the Pan. Unlatch the Rim of the Tin and slowly remove it from the Cheesecake. Carefully remove the Base of the Tin, along with the Baking Paper. Transfer to Serving plate.
10. Pour the Melted Biscoff Spread on Top of the Cheesecake and Smooth over. Add leftover Oreo Crumb Mixture in desired arrangement.
11. Place Cheesecake Back into Fridge to Cool for 10-15 Minutes. Once Cooled, serve and Enjoy!

Adapted from @cleobuttera (hers was originally Dairy but I made it Vegan)

-Refrigerate the Coconut Cream (2 Cans), 24 Hours before using. Don’t invert the Tins (separates the Fatty Layer from the Liquid).

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