?Being Vegan At Work ?

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?Being Vegan at Work ?

Eating a plant based diet + veganism can infiltrate many parts of your life that you may not have originally thought of…

I thought today we’d discuss being vegan in the workplace.

*I am grateful to be employed, I understand I am very privileged and these are first world issues but I thought it would be interesting to have a discussion*

? Finding a job

As someone who’s had MANY jobs in lots of different industries, unfortunately they all come with their own challenges and hypocrisies…

Make Up Artist = Animal testing & animal ingredients

Waiter = Serving dead animals

Luxury Footwear = Leather & animal glue

Optical Assistant = Animal testing etc…

? Interviewing

I once interviewed for a job in hospitality and was discussing the importance of meeting client’s needs.

As I gave the example of dietary restrictions needing to be established straight away to prevent reactions & upset. I went on to say from experience it was very important to me… NOT mentioning my food habits.

The interviewer then said “Oh god, you’re not one of those vegans are you?”.

? To tell or not to tell …

Are you going to get a load of grief and incessant stupid comments or are you now always going have a option on cake days and Christmas parties?

I have had both scenarios so when I started a new job this year I kept my beliefs and eating habits to myself until someone asks.

? What I have learnt

Financial dependency to survive in today’s capitalist world may have you working a job that’s not 100% vegan friendly.

However this cannot always be helped and we must try to do the best we can in our own situation.

If you have the privilege of financial freedom then maybe you can look into 100% vegan friendly employment but if you are not there, don’t beat yourself up.

You cannot pour from a empty cup.

? What’s your thoughts & experiences on being vegan in the working world?

I’d love to hear from you!



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