✨Beetroot Bean Burger And Mixed Root Vegetable Fries From

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✨Beetroot Bean Burger and Mixed Root Vegetable Fries from @StrongRootsUSA✨⁣

There’s nothing I love more than nutritious, delicious, and convenient plant based food!😋 I have been loving @strongrootsusa for so long now because their frozen products are always made with great ingredients and are so easy to make! (#sponsored) Their products are now available @wholefoods🥰 See below for how I made this yummy meal!⁣

🌱Plant Based Burger and Fries🌱⁣

@StrongRootsUSA Beetroot Bean Burger⁣
whole wheat burger bun⁣
vegan mayo⁣
plant based cheese⁣
mashed avocado⁣
tomato slice⁣
@StrongRootsUSA Mixed Root Vegetable Fries⁣

Start by cooking the @StrongRootsUSA burger for 15 minutes at 400 degrees and the fries for 20-25 minutes at the same temperature. I like to take both the burgers and fries out halfway to flip. Once the burger is cooked, start assembling it. Start with the bun, add mayo, spinach, cheese, the patty, mashed avocado (I add salt, pepper, and garlic pepper to my avocado mash), tomato slice, onion, and sprouts. Enjoy with a side of delicious mixed vegetable fries😋⁣

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