Beetroot And Carrot Carpaccio With Mint In Mustard Sauce, Ac

beetroot and carrot carpaccio with mint in mustard sauce ac multip img 0 bcca57c5
beetroot and carrot carpaccio with mint in mustard sauce ac multip img 0 bcca57c5

Beetroot and carrot carpaccio with mint in mustard sauce, accompanied by tofu ?
Marinated, vibrant recipe, overflowing with flavors and full of life!
1 organic carrot
2 organic beets
1 cup of red wine
Extra virgin olive oil
1 TbSp of grated ginger
1 TbSp of miso (I choose chickpea miso)
1 tsp powered coriander seeds
I sprayed balsamic aceto
2 TbSp of Dijon Mustard + 2 TbSp of olive oil + juice of 1 lemon + 1 TbSp of honey… walnuts and fresh mint to garnish the dish
Cut the beets into thin blades, whip them with a knife if you don’t have a mandolim, because the finer the more flavors they absorb, the more malleable they become and yield more. Arrange the slices side by side on a platter and immerse them in the marinade for at least 2 hours. I left the night before until the lunch!!! They became delicious!!! I haven’t been drinking alcohol, I felt that all the alcohol had evaporated and I reached the paradise of flavors at lunch!!!
Mix all the ingredients of the sauce, serve together with the slices of beets and carrots. I cut tofu into squares to accompany it and put a string of tahini over them. Delicious, functional, healthy, beautyful, all the best!!! Love it!!! ???????
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Carpaccio de beterraba e cenoura c menta ao molho de mostarda, acompanhadas de tofu?
Marinada, receita vibrante, transbordandonsabores e cheia de vida!
1 cenoura orgânica
2 beterrabas orgânicas
1 copo de vinho tinto
Azeite de Oliva Extra Virgem
1 colher d sopa de gengibre ralado
1 colher de sopa de missô (escolhi o d grão d bico)
1 colher de chá de sementes de coentro balsâmico
2 colheres de mostarda dijon + 2 colheres de azeite + sumo de 1 limão + 1 colher de sopa de mel
Para enfeitar nozes e hortelã fresca
Importante é caprichar no corte fino da beterraba e cenoura, assim elas adquirem mais sabor. Deixe-as marinando por no mínimo 2 horas. Eu deixei da noite pro dia e nossa… ficou um absurdo de bom!!!

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