Been Trying To Perfect Gluten-free And Vegan Brownies, And T

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Been trying to perfect gluten-free and vegan brownies, and these came pretty darn close! To me, the best brownies have a crinkly, shiny top with a fudgey center. They cannot be cakey, because then they wouldn’t be brownies anymore, which means they must be gooey and decadent. After all, if you’re gonna eat a brownie, they ought to have a deep, rich chocolate flavor. Because I try to bake with gluten free flours, it makes it harder to achieve that crinkly top because the gluten reacts with the wet ingredients. But at the same time, making it vegan too makes it extremely difficult because I’m not using eggs either. Both of these things make it nearly impossible to achieve a crinkly top (which is a must in order to have a good brownie). UNLESS you use a secret ingredient, and of course, I do 😉 I’ll drop the recipe soon, they just need a *little* more tweaking!

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