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bean burrito bowl multip img 0 c5d74bfc


the thing that i love about making bowls at home is that they are so customizable! when i’m trying to find inspiration for flavor combos, i often like to think of different cuisines (mediterranean, asian etc.) or i will throw a bunch of rando ingredients together from the pantry or fridge?

cilantro lime rice:
?fresh cilantro
?fresh lime juice
?salt n’ peppa to taste
?cooked rice (i like to use a brown rice mix)

charred corn & veggies:
?frozen corn
?sliced grape tomatoes
?diced white onion
?paprika, cumin, salt n’ peppa to taste

spiced black beans:
⚫️can of black beans
[email protected] chile lime seasoning, paprika, cumin, peppa to taste

1. for the rice, simply cook by following instructions on package and once fully cooked, add in lime juice, salt n’ peppa, and fresh chopped cilantro?the amounts of each ingredient really depend on how much rice you are preparing; i suggest adding everything little by little until desired taste
2. for the corn & veggies, simply add diced onion to a pan over medium heat (with a splash of oil or water of oil free) and cook until almost translucent. add in your spices, frozen corn, and tomatoes and cook until slight char on the corn and the tomatoes have blistered slightly
3. for the spicy beans, simply rinse a can of beans (i used black beans) and add to a saucepan with a 1/4 of the leftover bean jar full of veggie broth. simmer for 5 minutes, while adding in your spices
4. assemble your bowls with some extra greens, avocado, vegan cheese sauce, and enjoy!?

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